Blossom Massage is here for your health & overall well-being. We specialize in massage therapy for pain relief and relaxation.


We strive to make your experience here blissful and memorable: a small oasis in your busy life!


Owner, Board Certified LMT

Ilan is an NCBTMB Board Certified Massage Therapist, the highest accreditation attainable in the massage therapy and bodywork profession. Ilan has over 18 years of professional experience and practiced deep tissue, sports and neuromuscular massage both in the US and the United Kingdom. Ilan grew up in Berlin Germany, he is fluent in four languages and has lived and traveled extensively around the world.


Lead Therapist, LMT

Han obtained his certification at Memorial Hermann School of Massage in 2011. He is certified in many modalities, but his main focus are deep tissue and sports massage. He also studied and practices neuromuscular therapy, Thai, cranial sacral, trigger point and myofascial release. Han isn't going to give you a cookie cutter massage because he customizes each massage with a therapeutic approach and can work on improving specific issues in your body. Han is an ideal therapist for a client who has set goals and Han's massage will aid in achieving these goals. Han can help you to stay limber and reduce potential for injury.



Amanda graduated from Texas School of Massage in March 2010. She specializes in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu and Hot and Cold Stone Therapy. Amanda has experience working with many different clients and using any combination of these techniques. She works closely with her clients to help them with their goals, whether they are looking for simple relaxation or need help with chronic pain. Amanda is available at Blossom Thursday through Saturday.



Kristi graduated from Lauterstein-Conway School of Massage in April 2013. She is passionate about bodywork and the difference it makes in peoples' lives. From chronic pain to everyday tension from stress, Kristi uses a combination of Swedish, deep massage and various neuromuscular techniques to help achieve a higher level of relaxation and personal well-being. Kristi believes that helping rebalance the body through therapeutic touch in turn helps the mind and spirit as well. Kristi's goal is to listen to every client's unique reason seeking massage and to customize each treatment based on those needs. Kristi is in this field because she loves problem solving and she loves people.



Board Certified LMT

Lizzy is an NCBTMB Board Certified Therapist with 13 years of experience in Massage Therapy, She also has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education from Cuba University. The years she spent studying at the university, practicing various sports activities and competing in the national Shooting Team gave her a good understanding of how the body functions, reacts and adapts. Her therapy sessions are structured exclusively to each client's individual and personal needs. Lizzy has extensive experience in treating musculoskeletal disorders and sport injuries and worked with athletes of all levels from recreational to professional sports. By utilizing Swedish massage, deep tissue and trigger point techniques Lizzy can help you stay healthier and injury free so that you can enjoy the sport you love and live the life you deserve. 



Stefanie graduated from Lauterstein Conway Massage School in Austin, TX. She received her Bachelors in Nutrition and Exercise Sports Science from Texas Tech University. Stefanie has a passion helping others and continuing her education in massage. She knows each client has different needs and will tailor the massage to meet their specific needs. Stefanie practices Swedish, Deep Tissue, Deep Heat and Sports Massage. She has also had training in Dermoneuromodulation. She will use a combination of techniques to relieve your pain and tension, increase your mobility and to help your body relax. After receiving your massage, Stefanie will show you stretches to help your body stay loose during your day to day life.



Ula graduated from the Avalon School of Massage in 2016. She also completed two yoga teacher training courses with prominent Houston yoga teachers Andrew Dugas and Robert Boustany. Incorporating her yoga teaching experience in her massage practice, Ula provides an access to her clients to maintaining good postural and breathing habits. Ula is passionate in helping people listen to their bodies, feeling better and becoming free from constraints by getting a strong and balanced body and by learning how to relax. Ula has a genuine desire to help clients and to act as a catalyst in removing pain and dysfunction from peoples' lives. Each session with Ula is approached holistically looking at the whole body and is tailored to each client.



Marion became passionate about massage through her stepdad. He is a quadriplegic, and has been her whole life. Before Marion knew what she was doing, she massaged his shoulders which gave him instant relief. Massage gave him enough relief to reduce the amount of pain killers he was taking. This was fascinating to her. Marion went to college for her basics but never felt like she belonged. She started to meet LMTs, immediately dropped out of college and started massage therapy studies at Avalon School of Massage Therapy in 2016. Massage Therapy is her passion and she brings that with her to every session. Marion treats every appointment as different as each day. All clients come in with their own set of routines and expierences, and it is her honor to adjust accordingly by listening to the needs of her clients. Marion maintains variety for each individual by incorporating Thai table stretches, Shiatzu Trigger Points, and Hot Stones. Marion is enthusiastic when her clients want to know more about the tension that is being held in their muscles, and she will happily answer questions throughout. At the end, Marion gives her clients stretches to work on in their daily routines which will aid in maintaining the range of motion gained from the session. 



Robin has been a massage therapist for 10 years and a massage therapy instructor for 4 years. The best work is achieved with a number of techniques kept as tools in a tool belt, backed up by education. But focusing too much on learning any and every technique can cause knowledge overlaps which are wasteful in a therapist’s tool belt. After a point it’s best to refine and hone one’s application of the tools. Teaching kept Robin in touch with the basics; it forced him to stay aware of which massage principles are most important to build a foundation on. Robin uses pressure, and believes it to be often necessary. But we should remember: moderation in all things. There are certainly times where sensitivities must be respected. Overly heavy pressure is a common complaint in the industry. Pressure modulation is the most basic tool a therapist has, but one that can take practice and requires perceptive work to use in a masterful way. Robin would rather keep his work variable to suit various client-needs than to have one style that he sticks to.

Tammie began her massage therapy career in 2005 and developed a true passion for the healing arts. She is highly committed to ongoing continuing education and has received advanced training and certifications in deep tissue, sports massage, prenatal, hot stone therapy, hydrotherapy and aromatherapy - just to name a few. Among other places, Tammie has worked in sports performance centers with professional athletes, she is the former lead therapist of Heights Massage and Day Spa and she is very excited to bring her knowledge and expertise to Blossom Massage. Tammie knows that every client is unique and as such deserves a unique blend of modalities at each visit. Tammie also enjoys the use of essential oils and can customize aromatherapy blends for each individual session. During her free time you will find her playing and watching basketball or getting away to the beach with her family and her two chihuahuas. Tammie is a firm believer in the inseparable connection between body and mind. "It will be my honor and privilege to meet you and assist you in restoring your unique body and mind balance."





Amy graduated from Baton Rouge Medical Training College in 2008. In her work, Amy specializes in various massage modalities including Swedish Therapeutic, Sports, Neuromuscular, Deep Tissue and Prenatal Massage. Amy also utilizes myofascial release and active release techniques (ART) in order to achieve clients' specific goals. Amy worked in Puerto Rico, Florida, Louisiana, and Texas. Amy believes that massage is for body and mind. Massage is a healing art and also a preventative remedy that helps in living a healthy and happy lifestyle. Amy's goal is to provide highest quality bodywork to meet her clients' individual needs and help them achieve good health.



Kat completed her massage therapy training in sunny San Diego, CA at the International College of Holistic Studies in 2015. Kat specializes in both deep tissue and prenatal massage. Kat is highly empathetic, meeting clients where they are at and tailoring each session to meet their individual and specific needs. Kat mixes neuromuscular therapy with long, calming strokes to create a perfect blend for a therapeutic and relaxing experience. 


Master Esthetician

Maria is a Master Esthetician with more than fifteen years of experience. Her work has been recognized by the NY Times and she was invited by their affiliate company about.com to create twenty five videos with tips for home skin care. Maria is the "Ask the Expert" on many skin care forums and has answered hundreds of questions about skin care. She has been invited to give facials at exclusive spa grand openings and she was featured on ABCs local affiliate KTRK Channel 13. Maria has extensive knowledge of the skin and the treatments performed and she customizes each facial to best suit your skin's needs. The products she uses are all natural, cruelty free and without any unnecessary chemicals. "I am an honest professional, I am passionate about my work and I never stop learning. I love coffee, I am still trying to lose baby fat and I believe in the infinite power of a simple smile."



Rosy graduated from the Houston School of Massage at the top of her class in 2013. She believes in the body's innate ability to heal itself and uses her expertise to facilitate and assist in the process.  Rosy is certified in prenatal, lymphatic and neuromuscular massage, She also specializes in deep tissue, sports and Swedish therapeutic massage and often incorporates hot and cold stone therapy. Rosy understands that every client has unique challenges, goals and preferences and she prides herself in being able tune into the needs of each individual and to help them on their path to well-being with her skill, her compassion and good intention. Rosy has found her true calling of helping others through massage therapy.  


Licensed Acupuncturist, Dipl. O.M.

Vlad started his career in the medical field in 1984 when he became a medical student in St. Petersburg Military Medical Academy. After graduating he practiced as Medical Doctor and Radiologist in the former Soviet Union.

Vlad became interested in Chinese Medicine in the late 1980s. It was fascinating to him that the needling of specific points on the body can produce certain, often amazing results. It was hard to believe until Vlad experienced acupuncture himself. And after practicing as M.D. for 14 years he realized the limitiations of the Western medical approach especially in the treatment of chronic conditions.

This understanding led him to continuing studies in nutrition, diet and detoxification which brought about changes in the way he was practicing medicine. He also enrolled in the American College of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine in Houston, TX to study Chinese Medicine. During and after his studies he also expanded his knowledge of different acupuncture techniques, such as ones by Master Tung and Dr. Tan and Distal Needling Acupuncture which he incorporates into his current practice and feels that they can work better and sometimes faster for specific internal ailments and chronic pain. 


Spa Manager

My hope is to be a friendly and calming presence that guides you through your blossoming. I have been a part of the Blossom family for over 2 years and have worked with a large number of our therapists. This experience makes me confident that I can suggest therapists that can
most benefit you. Give us a call, tell me what your needs are and I’ll be happy to help. I managed Massage Envy locations for 3 years. I loved being able to watch people transform through the power of massage but I didn’t like having to sell a membership to them afterward.
This would normally disturb people’s peace and I felt awful. I’m so happy to be at Blossom because here we do not pressure you into commitments. We can just focus on providing a relaxing and healing sanctuary. I can’t wait to witness your betterment through massage.


Spa Manager

Allison is currently completing school for massage therapy, and has a passion for all things health and wellness. In her spare time, you can find her spending time with her cat, enjoying a day at the museum, or indulging in coffee at local Houston cafes. She is a firm believer that everyone deserves to be treated with respect and kindness, and that if she can make just one person's day a little brighter, she's had a successful day.


Address: 1416 Durham Dr Houston TX 77007  Email: info@blossommassage.com  Phone: 713-880-1131


Due to the Covid-19 situation, we've made updates! 


♦ Frequent disinfection of lobby and high traffic areas.

♦ Treatment room sanitation between each client.

♦ More time between appointments for cleaning.

♦ New protocols for massage table/linen setup.

♦ Revised health intake forms and screening.

♦ Contactless check in and check out.

♦ Our staff will wear face masks while mandated.

♦ Daily staff wellness and temperature checks.

♦ Additional outdoor seating area.

♦ Reduced seating in lobby for social distancing. 

♦ No self service beverages and snacks in lobby. 

♦ Use of EPA-approved hospital grade disinfectants.


Please adhere to these guidelines to stop the spread.

Clients are required to wear a mask or face cover in order to receive service. If you do not have one, we can provide one for a small fee.

Upon entering clients are asked to wash their hands with water and soap. 

We kindly ask not to bring additional guests or children into the facility.

Clients with Covid-19 symptoms or who have recently been exposed to someone with symptoms must reschedule their appointment.

No Walk-Ins please. For appointments please call us or book online.


What to expect for your visit. 

Before your visit we'll call and ask you some screening questions. You'll be asked the same questions again in the office. If you feel sick, have a fever or respiratory symptoms or may have been exposed to an individual with Covid-19 symptoms please stay at home. The cancellation policy won't apply. 


New clients please fill out intake forms in advance and on your device. If your credit card is not already on file, we will ask for it prior to your visit. We'll process your payment after the service and email you the receipt. No cash tips please. 


Upon arrival, if you prefer to wait in the car please let us know and we'll contact you as soon as your therapist is ready for you. 


If you have any questions or need assistance with retail products, please let our front desk staff know and they'll be happy to assist you. Please maintain safe distance.


Massage Establishment License #ME5080

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