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About Us

Every Moment is an Opportunity to make a Difference

Here at Blossom, we love using our knowledge to tailor our services to your needs and give you any post-treatment tips that you may need to keep your experience lasting long after you leave our retreat!

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Our Story

We opened our doors in 2007 with the goal of creating a true and authentic health and wellness experience for our guests. Over the years we have become the go-to for people seeking holistic health and wellness for relaxation, pain relief, sports performance and recovery.


By offering some of the highest pay in the industry and a supportive environment for our team, we are able to attract top-tier talent in Houston and beyond. We encourage individual growth for every one of our team members, which means each massage experience will be unique and customized to your needs. 

Investing in our quality means little invested in our marketing. We don’t push online reviews like many other places –  we simply let our work speak for itself.

Meet The Team

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