Our massage treatments are always customized to your specific and individual needs - for pain relief, injury rehabilitation, relief of stress & muscle tension, or simply for relaxation - we aim to elevate your body and spirit to a new level of well-being.

Swedish Massage

A relaxing massage using full fluid strokes ranging in pressure from light to firm. If you want to relax after a busy week or cash in on your ‘me’ time, this massage is for you.   60 Min $85 • 75 Min $105 • 90 Min $120

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage addresses the deeper layers of the muscle. It is typically achieved by applying static pressure to underlying muscle groups and is excellent for those who suffer from chronic muscle tension.

60 Min $85 • 75 Min $105 • 90 Min $120

Sports Massage

Sports massage uses deep tissue techniques along with active and passive stretching techniques to achieve optimum muscle recovery for active individuals and professional athletes. 60 Min $85 • 75 Min $105 • 90 Min $120

Medical/Neuromuscular Massage

This massage uses trigger point therapy and myofascial release techniques with the goal of treating moderate to severe underlying muscle issues. It is achieved by applying static pinpoint pressure to release ‘trigger points’ within the muscle. Expect your therapist to have a deep understanding of muscle groups and kinesiology for best results from this treatment.

60 Min $85 • 75 Min $105 • 90 Min $120

Prenatal Massage

A treatment for the expectant mother that is meant to relax and address common muscular discomfort during pregnancy. It is beneficial for both mom and baby and supports a healthy pregnancy from start to finish. Please be aware that we don't offer Prenatal Massage during the first trimester.

60 Min $85 • 75 Min $105 • 90 Min $120

Couples Massage

Massage of your choice to share with a loved one.

60 Min $190 • 75 Min $225 • 90 Min $260

Hemp CBD Massage

A custom full body treatment addressing your individual needs that includes highly concentrated Hemp CBD Oil that relieves pain and inflammation and promotes calmness and wellbeing. 60 Min $105 • 75 Min $125 • 90 Min $140

Deep Heat Massage

This massage uses hot towels and hot stones to deliver deep relief to muscle tension in combination with the massage of your choice. 75 Min $110

Prepaid Series

Series of 3 x 60 Min Massage $240

Series of 5 x 60 Min Massage $375


Series of 3 x 75 Min Massage $300

Series of 5 x 75 Min Massage $475


Series of 3 x 90 Min Massage $330

Series of 5 x 90 Min Massage $525

Please note, a series is non-transferable.

Monthly Plan

Sign up for discounted rates on massage and skin care treatments - and share with one additional person. 

• 60 Min Monthly Plan Fee  $75 

Includes 60 Min Massage or select Facial per Month
• 75 Min Monthly Plan Fee  $95 

Includes 75 Min Massage or select Facial per Month
• 90 Min Monthly Plan Fee $105 

Includes 90 Min Massage or select Facial per Month





I consider myself a massage EXPERT!

I go to great spas all over, but Blossom Massage is by far the best deal!!


It is rare to find a place that is priced well, professional, relaxing and offers a high quality massage. Blossom is it!!!


I received a wonderful massage...

one of the best I've ever had.


I loved the feel of the place as opposed to overrun, impersonal spas. Highly recommended!

- Holly T.

We were EXTREMELY pleased with

our masseuse and her demonstrated awareness, knowledge and proficiency

in deep tissue massage.


We have frequent massages and our experience with Blossom Massage rates

a full 10 out of 10. Well done! 

- Emile G.

I have rheumatoid arthritis and do a lot of strength training to improve my condition. This worked to an extent, but I would still have a lot of neck and shoulder pain. I found Blossom online and gave it a try. My therapist was really the best I've ever been to. There were times I couldn't sleep due to the neck/shoulder pain.  After my treatment, I felt no pain. Highly recommend Blossom for anyone who is athletic. Blossom will be a completely different experience than other salon or spa massage.


- Shannon O.




We kindly ask for at least a 24 hour's notice for an appointment cancellation.

Any cancellations with less than 24 hours of notice are subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of the amount of the scheduled service.  No shows are subject to a 100% fee. We recognize the time of our clients and staff is valuable. When you miss an appointment without sufficient notice, these appointments usually cannot be filled which hurts the therapist, the business and other clients who could have scheduled an appointment for the same time.

All services require a credit card or gift certificate to guarantee a reservation.


You will not be billed unless there is a cancellation or no show. Upon checkout, guests may choose their method of payment.



No gratuity is ever expected but if you enjoyed the service

and would like to leave a tip, it is at your discretion.


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Hours: 10am - 8pm

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